Our Team

Ananya Kakkar (she/her)

Hey Schulich, my name is Ananya & I am so excited to be serving as your UBS President for this year. I am currently in my 4th year of iBBA and I am specializing in Strategic Management & Accounting and pursuing the CIM. I love to travel & go hiking & I'm always open to grabbing a quick coffee! Over my time at Schulich I've seen a lot, from case competitions to getting involved to career journeys and managing academics so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Schulich for me feels like a second home with the amazing community and everything there is to offer & UBS is very excited to play a role in making your experience here as memorable as possible.
I'll see you soon at our events & initiatives !! :)

Madeline Yeung (she/her)

Interim Vice President Operations
Hi everyone! My name is Maddi (she/her), and I am thrilled to be your Interim VP of Operations for the 2021-2022 academic year! In this role, I am running elections and planning formal, amongst other miscellaneous tasks that help support functions across UBS. I am in my fourth year of study in the iBBA program with specializations in Responsible Business, Finance, and Strategy. Outside of academics, I am passionate about figure skating, long-distance running, and reading, so feel free to reach out if you have any book recommendations or if you just want to chat!

Jemin Patel (he/him)

Vice President Finance
Hello Schulich! My name is Jemin Patel, and I am your VP of Finance for UBS this year. I am a 4th year iBBA student, specializing in accounting. I am also an international student from India. I am big case competition junkie, and you will always find me doing them all year round. Currently, I represent Schulich on its JDCC and UCC team. I am also a music fanatic, and a BIG fan of Taylor Swift. My life motto is “Keep Smiling”, and it will always be.

Milena Micucci (she/her)

Vice President Communications
Hey Schulich! My name is Milena Micucci (she/her) and I'm the 2021-2022 VP of Communications! I connect students to Schulich's amazing clubs, alumni and all external events :) I'm going into my third year, specializing in International Business and Strategic Management. I love the Schulich community and meeting new people, feel free to reach out at anytime!

Karolina Zablotny (she/her)
Vice President Academics (iBBA)
Hi there! My name is Karolina (she/her) and I'm excited to be your VP Academics (iBBA) & VP Tiktok this year. I'm a fourth year student specializing in Accounting and Marketing. Aside from that, I love travelling, hiking, and trying new foods. I hope to meet more of you and get to know you at our events, check out RISE and SPARK this upcoming academic year! Reach out if you have any questions about academics or life at Schulich in general.

Kareem Iskander (he/him)

Vice President Academics (BBA)
Hey Schulich! My name is Kareem Iskander and I have the pleasure of being your VP of Academics (BBA) for the upcoming school year. I am dedicated to providing students with the most beneficial case competitions, conferences, workshops, and events alongside my co-vp Karolina Zablotny. Taking on this role has been a very enriching experience and builds on my previous involvement as SPARK's delegate coordinator. A fun fact about me is that I speak three languages (Arabic, English, French) and would love to learn more in the future!

Ahrathi Jeyakanthan (she/her)

Interim Vice President Marketing & IT
Hi Schulich! My name is Ahrathi Jeyakanthan (AJ) and I am your VP of Marketing and IT. As someone who has always been creatively driven and is a social media fanatic, I am excited to bring on a different angle to UBS. My role is to promote all our initiatives, oversee marketing strategies, and assist in achieving all the target goals for each event. Outside of school, you can catch me at Starbucks experimenting with new Tik Tok drinks, or volunteering at my local church every Sunday. I look forward to meeting you very soon! Please feel free to shoot me a message to chat about school, UBS, or life in general. Cheers!

Nour Nassif (she/her)

Vice President Corporate Relations
Hey Schulich! I’m your VP of Corporate Relations, I coordinate corporate partnerships and manage external relations to ensure our events run seamlessly and effectively. I love competing in case competitions and mentoring members of the Schulich community. Beyond Business, I love music and dance, reading, volunteering, travelling, and learning languages. Feel free to reach out to me anytime to talk about UBS, Schulich, my experiences, or yours!

Mariem Kakal (she/her)

Hi Schulich! I'm Mariem, and I am your Speaker for the 2021-2022 school year! I'm a second year student at Schulich who loves creativity and case comps! At UBS, my role is to facilitate our weekly meetings, help out any of our execs with their portfolios and events, and ensure all of Schulich student's voices are heard! In my free time I enjoy creating content for my podcast Do Good Die Great, reading and writing novels, and singing!

Sameer Ali (he/him)

Vice President Student Life
4th year BBA student at Schulich School of Business, specializing in accounting. I love new challenges and currently, I am pursuing my CPA designation upon completion of this academic year through the Macc at Schulich. Owner of my own small sneaker business - Limitless Toronto

Kunal Chopra (he/him)

Vice President Athletics
Hello everyone, I am serving you as the Vice President of Athletics and am super excited to host fun athletic events. I’m in my 4th year specializing in marketing and entrepreneurship. With this being my 3rd time being involved in council athletics I’m sure to bring experience and growth to the committee. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns regarding sports.

Ayaan Popatiya (he/him)

International Rep
Hi everyone! My name is Ayaan, I’m a third year BBA student with a passion for Finance and Strategy. As your international rep, I enjoy brainstorming resolutions that bridge existing lags in building valuable experiences for international degree seeking students. Outside school I am a passionate volunteer with an attitude to learn and experience new things. I harbour a deep passion for Sports, an ardent Manchester United Supporter, I constantly follow Soccer.

Monica Zmija (she/her)

BBA Second Year Rep
Hey Schulich! My name is Monica Zmija and my pronouns are she/her. I am this year’s UBS Second Year Representative for the BBA program. My love for the Schulich community was the driving force for me joining UBS. I cannot wait for the fun year ahead! Stay tuned for Mental Health Week & Spirit Week, two of my favourite events that I get to host with my co-rep :) Let’s make this year the best one yet!

Nika Nasseri (she/her)

iBBA Second Year Rep
I am super excited for my second year at Schulich and being a part of the UBS family! We have so much planned for our portfolio and I look forward to meeting every one at these events. There are so many exciting things waiting for us at Schulich, from clubs, events and interesting courses to exchange fair and case competitions! I hope we all have the best experiences in this journey and make memories.

Alessia Paniccia (she/her)

Orientation Co-Chair 
Hey everyone! My name is Alessia Paniccia and I am one of the Orientation Chairs for O-Week 2021! Being a part of Orientation Week has been a rewarding, life changing, and boundary expanding experience as I was able to meet new people within the Schulich community and from other colleges within York University as well. Outside of Orientation Week, I love watching horror movies, learning about new and random topics, and I cannot go a day without coffee. If you ever have any questions about anything or just want to chat, do not hesitate to reach out!

Vagmi Shah (she/her)

Orientation Co-Chair
HHello everyone, my name is Vagmi Shah and I am one of the Orientation Week Co-Chairs for 2021! I'm passionate about all things frosh, mentorship, and Schulich. My interests include literature, tech, and sustainability. Always happy to chat, feel free to reach out if I can help with anything!

Utsav Alok (he/him)

BBA First Year Rep 
Hello Schulich! My name's Utsav Alok and I'm thrilled to be your First Year Representative for the BBA program. Being someone who loves to, and has interacted with loads of people, I can confidently say that the people here, at Schulich, couldn't be any more helpful or warm, which was the biggest factor that persuaded me to join UBS - I wanted to contribute as well. If there are any concerns I can help you with, please feel free to get in touch. I hope to have a wonderful year ahead with all of you, and to see you soon at all upcoming events!

Hunjay Ha (he/him)
iBBA First Year Rep
Hey Schulich! my name is Hunjay Ha, and I'm your iBBA First Year Representative this year. There must be many challenges throughout the four-year journey at Schulich, especially for those who just started, but don't worry I'm here to support and make sure your voice is heard! Do not hesitate to reach out to me. I'm always down for a coffee chat, and you can also visit me during my office hour! Again, I'm excited to become a part of the UBS family and get to know every single one of you!

Sara Reza (she/her)
York Federation of Students Director
Hi I'm Sara, a fourth year BBA student specializing in Marketing. I'm your York Federation director for the 2021-2022 year, and I represent Schulich at York's student union. My job is to ensure that York's student services, events, and grants are able to reach and help all students at Schulich. A fun fact about me is that I am a model photographer during my free time!

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