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The Undergraduate Business Society (UBS) is the official student government of the undergraduate community at Schulich School of Business. Throughout the year, UBS hosts events and shares resources & opportunities.

Meet our

Balaaj Durrani


Hey Schulich, my name is Balaaj, and I am proud to be your UBS President for this year. If you have any questions related to admin, Schulich operations, or just wanna chat, feel free to reach out!

Oran Morris

Vice President of Finance

Shirin Dinyarian

Vice President of Operations

Troy Dhillon

Vice President of Corporate Relations

Samantha Samlal

Vice President of Marketing & IT

Tanya Anand

Vice President of Communications

Sameer Ali

Vice President of Student Life

Meena Shanmuganathan

Vice President of Academics (iBBA)

Mehak Shah

Vice President of Academics (BBA)

Kunal Chopra

Vice President of Athletics

Milena Micucci

Second Year Representative (iBBA)

Carmine Reda

Second Year Representative (BBA)

Arnav Agarwal

International Representative

Kevin Dinh

First Year Representative (iBBA)

Hitik Ajwani

First Year Representative (BBA)

Ayub Syed

YFS Representative

Mohona Meeftahul


Did you know UBS has weekly meetings?

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