Mental Health Week

UBS is here for you!

A week dedicated to encouraging students to takes care of their wellness through hosting various events, workshops, and social media content.

Date: October 18th - 22nd

Zoom Fair

An open breakout room rotation session where you can go from room to room and participate in different activities. Rooms vary from pet show, arts and craft to open discussion sessions.

"Failure Behind Success"

A panel of successful Schuligans walking students through their journey to success and talking about how many rejection and failures they went through to get where they want!

Yoga Session

A chance for students to partake in a helpful physical and mental activity, getting them to decompress and destress during weekdays.

Wellness Certificate

Introducing students to a wellness program certificate for student to participate, followed by an interesting and useful emotional wellness workshop.

Social Media Challenge and Contest

Challenging students to do activities that help enhance their physical and mental health. Most engaged students will receive gift baskets from Peter&Paul's.

Coming Soon ....

Keep yourself updated on UBS latest wellness initiatives!

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