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The Schulich Finance Association (SFA) is here to support graduate students' interest and careers in finance.

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The Schulich Finance Association is committed to expanding the competence of our members while creating opportunities to make professional connections.

Members will have access to year-round events & activities as well as exclusive resources. Most importantly, you will be a part of an elite group of like-minded people and connected to many professionals in finance industry.

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Events & Activities

The SFA is inviting you to many interactive events and activities to help you to gain some real-world experience during your academic life.

Exclusive Resources

By accessing to the member exclusive resources, you will further sharpen your knowledge and learn how to pursue a career in finance industry.


We aim at providing opportunities to students and a platform to reach out and network with successful finance professionals across Canada.

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Schulich Finance Association
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Schulich Finance Association

111 Ian MacDonald Blvd
Toronto , ON, M3J 1P3