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About Us

The Schulich Finance Association (SFA) is here to support graduate student’s interest in finance.

Our mission is to assist our members prepare for a successful career in Finance via knowledge-sharing, events and the building of a global professional network.

Our members are disciplined and driven, embody and further Schulich Finance's core values of leadership with integrity and commitment to each other's success.









Members Benefits

The Schulich Finance Association is committed to expanding the competence of our members while creating opportunities for them to make connections within the professional sphere. By joining the largest student finance club at Schulich, members will have access to the year-round events & activities and exclusive resources. Most importantly, you will be a part of an elite group of like-minded people and connected to many professionals in finance industry.

Events & Activities

The SFA is inviting you to many interactive events and activities to help you to gain some real-world experience during your academic life.

Exclusive Resources

By accessing to the member exclusive resources, you will further sharpen your knowledge and learn how to pursue a career in finance industry.


We aim at providing opportunities to students and a platform to reach out and network with successful finance professionals across Canada. .

Our Team

Nikhil Bane
Celestine Cianna Antony
Parantap Bhu
Shishir Kanodia
Tanmay Ashish Samant
Aditya Narasimhan
Aditya Bendale
Shantanu Gandhe
Director of Events
Himanshi Sharma
Director of Student Investment Fund
Anish Sondhi
Director of Technology
Suchita Agarwal
Director of Cases
Yash Gore
Director of Finance
Arush Jain
Director of Strategy
Nikita Choudhari
Director of Operations
Saloni Nardekar
Director of Student and Alumni Relations
Amalia Chawla
Director of Marketing
Nikhil Narain


Schulich Finance Association

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