Planned Events

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of Supply Chain! Whether you're an industry veteran or just getting started, our upcoming events for Fall and Winter promise a blend of knowledge, networking, and innovation. Dive in!

Panel Discussion - Supply Chain Consulting (Fall Frenzy)

Join industry experts as they dissect the consulting world within the supply chain. Gain insights, ask questions, and be a part of riveting discussions.

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Case Workshop (Fall Frenzy)

Roll up your sleeves and delve deep into real-world supply chain scenarios. Sharpen your skills and strategize with the best.

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Case Competition (Winter Wonder)

Showcase your expertise and compete against the brightest minds. Tackle challenging cases and emerge victorious!

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Fireside Chat - Technology in Supply Chain (Winter Wonder)

Warm up this winter with a cozy chat, focusing on the impact and future of technology in supply chain. Discover what's on the horizon!

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Panel Discussion - Planning & Procurement (Winter Wonder)

Engage in discussions with leaders as they delve into the intricacies of planning and procurement. Dive deeper into the heart of supply chain operations.

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Sustainability in Supply Chain (Winter Wonder)

As the snow falls, ponder the future of eco-friendly supply chain practices. Learn, innovate, and champion sustainability!

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