Team Schulich | MBA Games

Join the Schulich Graduate Community as we compete in Academics, Athletics & Spirit at the annual MBA Games


The Games

What’s more fun than a weekend of Academic, Athletic and Spirit competitions and  bonding with your friends? While also doing so with over 300 students from MBA schools from across the country!

The MBA Games is an integral component to any MBA/Schulich Graduate experience and is truly an event you do not want to miss.

The Competition

Each year the host school comes up with creative ways to keep the games engaging, but the foundation to the competition remains the same: Academics, Athletics & Spirit.


In teams of 4, competitors are challenged to help solve a company's business problem and present it to a panel of judges, including the company executives.


Inter-school sports and/or athletics challenges that challenge the team physically.


Spirit competitions can vary year to year but the key element is that all teams are at the games to compete in a healthy and meaningful manner, we must compete with class.

Meet Our 2022 MBA Games Team

Rageeb Kibria
Leslie Woo
Rachel Carvalho
Jatin Parmar
Deanna Galati