2023 GBC Executive Election Campaign Rules

Eligibility to Stand: Schulich master's level business students active through the Fall 2023 semester, with the ability to hold office from the beginning of May 2023 until the end of April 2024. Candidates for President and Vice President must be active students through the Winter 2023 term.

Election Timeline: February - March 2023

Nomination Period: January 23 - February 3

Nomination forms must be submitted within this period. Candidates will indicate the position they are running for on the nomination form. Detailed descriptions of each of the available roles can be found on the GBC Election webpage.

Nomination Form:

Information Session for Interested Students: January 30, 1:30PM

Information session will review Election rules and regulations, and give students an opportunity to ask the existing Executive Team any role-specific questions. A recording of the session will be sent out following the conclusion of the meeting.

Executive Elections Info Session Zoom: Jan 30, 2023 01:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting: https://yorku.zoom.us/j/94831028535

Meeting ID: 948 3102 8535

Mandatory Meeting for all Nominees: February 2, 7PM or February 3, 12PM (noon)

Each candidate must attend one of the two All-Candidates meetings throughout it's whole duration (meetings will have identical information). Failure to attend the information meetings in full may result in disqualification.

Candidates must register for the All-Candidates Meeting in advance. Register here: https://forms.office.com/r/WfCVPW8BHL

Campaign Period: February 6 - 10

Campaign Open Forum: Week of February 6 - 10

Candidates are invited to present a 3-minute pitch, followed by a short question period. If appropriate, there will be an opportunity for debate between the candidates of individual portfolios. This forum is optional, but all nominees are strongly encouraged to attend.

Campaign Rules:

  • Candidates may not run on a slate: confirmed candidates may not support any other candidate publicly.
  • The blackout period, where all campaigning must cease and all campaign materials must be taken down/offline.
  • The maximum campaign budget is $150 (not reimbursed by the GBC). Candidates are not required to devote any budgetary commitments to their campaigns.
  • All campaign-related receipts must be scanned and emailed to CRO before the start of the blackout period.
  • Candidates may not hand out gifts, free swag, gift cards, or other incentives as part of their campaign.

All candidates are expected to campaign in good faith. Any breach of campaign rules as detailed on this page may result in disqualification. Keep in mind that candidates will be held responsible for the actions of their supporters.

Campaign Materials per candidate:

All candidates are required to submit the following materials through the online nomination form

  • A write-up about you, your platform, and what makes you the best candidate for your position (maximum 300 words)
  • A video pitch (maximum 60 seconds)
  • A completed signature form (can be found in Election Info email)
  • A photograph (in JPEG format)

The GBC will post candidate pitch videos and write-ups on the GBC website at the beginning of the campaign period and remove these posts at the closing of the campaign period. By submitting a campaign video, the candidate acknowledges that said video will be publicly available on the GBC website for a limited time and permits the GBC's publication of their video for the purpose and duration of this campaign. Inappropriate conduct, language, or messaging is prohibited in candidate campaign materials. Candidates may also post their pitch videos to social media

Rules on E-mail and Websites:

  • Spamming students (via using class lists, course codes, or group lists) is prohibited.
  • Sending e-mails through friends is at your discretion – and only allowed during the campaign period.
  • Use of online forums for campaigning is permitted only during the campaign period, and these posts/materials must be removed by the end of the campaign period.
  • Posting on GBC-affiliated websites (i.e. OneSchulich) and Facebook pages can only be done once every 24-hours on a rolling basis.
  • Candidates are responsible for taking their campaign websites offline and ensuring that their campaign e-mails are no longer sent/forwarded once the blackout period starts. A penalty of a deduction in votes or disqualification may apply for failure to abide by these rules. Final decisions about penalties will be made by the GBC Election Committee.
  • If candidates plan on using a website or social media platform for campaigning (e.g., Facebook, Instagram accounts), these details need to be provided to the CRO at gbccro@schulich.yorku.ca during the campaign period.

Candidates are responsible for taking their campaign materials offline and ensuring that their campaign e-mails are no longer sent/forwarded from the beginning of the Blackout Period until the Results Announcement Day. A penalty of a deduction in votes or disqualification may apply for failure to abide by these rules. The GBC Election Committee will make final decisions about penalties.

Rules on Speeches in Class:

  • Short speeches are permitted only with the professor's permission ahead of the Schedule. Please respect the class time and keep pitches short (30-60 seconds). Candidates are responsible for reaching out to instructors to organize an in-class speech. Failure to comply with this stipulation – i.e., campaigning in classes without the permission of the instructor or outside of the bounds of a short speech scheduled in collaboration with an instructor – will result in disqualification.

No other forms of in-class campaigning are permitted.

Blackout Period: February 11 - 12

Voting Period: February 13 - 15

Nomination/Voting Rules:

  • Candidates are not allowed to distribute/share the link to the voting platform. Only executives from the election committee or their authorized delegates may share/distribute the link to the voting platform.
  • If only one candidate is nominated for a position, the nomination period may be extended. If no other candidates are nominated for the said position within the extended period, the candidate will run uncontested.
  • If there are no candidates nominated for a position, a by-election will be held for that position after the other portfolio elections have been held.
  • If an election results in a tie, a debate will be held at the first GBC meeting after the election, and a new voting period will be held to determine a winner.


Results Announcement: February 17

Winners will be announced publicly in an online session as well as in a subsequent e-mail announcement. Results will be posted on the GBC website and Facebook page subsequently.

By indicating that you agree to these rules on the nomination form, you agree to the above election rules, all subsections within, and any amendments made to these rules in the future. You agree to abide by the election rules and understand breaches of the rules may result in the immediate revocation of your nomination and consequently ineligibility for (regardless of votes) a position on the 2023-2024 GBC Executive. You understand that any disputes will be resolved by the GBC Election Committee. Any rulings from the GBC Election Committee will be final and non-negotiable.

Contact information:

• For clarification of election rules and process contact gbccro@schulich.yorku.ca.