Elections 101

What are the elections and how do I run?

Summer Elections determine Cohort Representatives and Portfolio Representatives for the cohorts of MBAN, MACC, DIAC, and MSCM, and they begin studies in the Summer term.  Candidates can nominate themselves for one position through a nomination form, which will be distributed to students via their Schulich email address.

What are the rules?

A full list of rules for the 2021 Summer Elections are available here.

What is the difference between Cohort and Portfolio Representative?

Cohort Representatives have voting rights at the level of the GBC Board of Directors, and Portfolio Representatives have voting rights at the level of the GBC General Council. Portfolio Representatives work to represent issues of their cohort within their portfolio function in collaboration with the Directors of their respective portfolios. Cohort representatives have a more general focus on the governance of the GBC with focus on constitutional changes and budget amendments.


Nomination Process

Where are the slides/recording from the May 20 Info Session?

The slides and recording will be uploaded after the conclusion of the information session.

How are candidates nominated for roles?

Candidates will nominate themselves during the nomination period, lasting from May 23-25, 2021. The online nomination form will be distributed via e-mail on May 23.

Can one stand for a position as Cohort Representative as well as for a Portfolio Representative position?

Candidates may only stand for one position in most cases.

Do campaign videos need to be in a specific format?

No, campaign videos can follow any format, and will be uploaded as part of the nomination form.

Voting Process

Does all of Schulich get to vote for each role, or will voting only be open to the cohort in question?

For both Cohort Representative and Portfolio Representative positions, students may only vote for candidates in the cohort in which they are registered.

How will elections be conducted?

Voting will take place via OneSchulich. A voting link will be sent via e-mail to students, and an announcement will be made on OneSchulich once the voting period is open.

Cohort Questions

How many cohorts are there within the MBA program?

Cohort-specific positions are assigned for students in each section of MGMT 5150 (first-year MBA students). There are 3 sections of MGMT 5150 in Winter 2021.

Is there a separate cohort for accelerated MBA students?

No, accelerated MBA students are separated into cohorts based on the section of MGMT in which they are registered.

Position Questions

What are the time commitments associated with each of the available positions?

The time commitment varies depending on position, and depending on portfolio in the case of portfolio representatives. All elected individuals can expect at minimum monthly meetings as a key part of their position.

  • Cohort Representatives have mandatory monthly and optional bi-weekly commitments
  • Portfolio Representatives have monthly and project specific portfolio commitments
Do Cohort Representatives and Portfolio Representatives have voting rights?

Yes, all Cohort Representatives and Portfolio Representatives have voting rights within their respective governing bodies. Cohort Representative at the Board of Directors and Portfolio Representatives at the General Council.

How far in advance will representatives find out about mandatory meetings?

GBC meeting times will be communicated to all students with 48 hours advance notice. Other regular meeting times specific to a nominated position will be established with as much advance notice as possible.

Is one Portfolio Representative elected from among all the elected cohort-specific Portfolio Representatives?

No. Portfolio Representatives are elected for each cohort, and these representatives hold their own cohort-specific posts throughout the year. Each Portfolio Representative reports to the director heading the respective portfolio.

Would being a Graduate Ambassador conflict with running in the election?

No, Graduate Ambassadors are able to run for elections. The Graduate Ambassador program is run by the Student Services team of the Schulich School of Business Administration and is not affiliated with the GBC.