Executive Elected Positions

Available Positions

  • President
  • Vice President & Academic Affairs
  • Athletics Director
  • Case Director
  • Corporate Relations Director
  • International Relations Director
  • Marketing & Communications Director
  • Social Director
  • Student Affairs Director
  • Wellness Director

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Oversees the activities of the Executive members of the Graduate Business Council and of all Council members responsible for GBC activities.
  • Ensures the sustainability of the Graduate Business Council: Sustainability defined, but not limited to: financial stability, organizational structure, environmental impact
  • Establish projects aimed to enrich the student experience and adapt the Council to meet students' needs.
  • Acts as liaison between the Faculty/Administration and the Council
  • Acts as liaison with Launch Week Organizing Committee from Schulich administration

Vice President & Academic Affairs

  • Acts as Academic Liaison between students and the faculty; specifically, the Assistant Dean Academic
  • Identify academic issues of students and communicate to faculty, to support the student and attempt to resolve the issues.
  • To manage and better the internal processes and day to day operations of the GBC

Athletics Director

  • Responsible for managing activities and events providing students' the opportunity to engage in games and sports

Case Director

  • Responsible for promotion of presentation skill development and participation in case competitions hosted internally

Corporate Relations Director

  • Create and maintain a sustainable corporate sponsorship eco-system by increasing sales funnel through close-knit alumni relations and creating a pipeline of sponsorships

International Relations Director

  • Support international students and facilitate the integration of international students into the local community.

Marketing & Communications Director

  • Responsible for leading and promoting the brand strategy.
  • Responsible for creating the annual marketing calendar.
  • Responsible for outreach to all students through diverse channels

Social Director

  • Responsible for all the planning, organizing, and hosting of all the social GBC events to promote interaction among all graduate students.

Student Affairs Director

  • Understand and communicate the needs of all Masters students at Schulich to the GBC, not limited to 1-Year Masters, International and Part-Time students, and students from all other campuses of Schulich.

Wellness Director

  • Responsible for managing activities and events to improve students' mental health and well-being.