Mentorship Program

Women in Leadership has two different kinds of mentorship opportunities.

Undergraduate/High School Mentorship

Undergraduate mentors will be visiting high school mentees on a monthly basis to interact and have fun with different workshops and activities such as resume building, snakes and lattes event, holiday parties, and team challenges. This is a rewarding and empowering opportunity, not only for the high school mentees, but for undergrads as well to share personal and professional wisdom and prepare high school students with their transition into post-secondary.


Graduate - Undergraduate Mentorship

This is a rewarding program to pass on invaluable professional and personal experiences to aspiring young women. This program serves to help aspiring young business women in the iBBA and BBA program to develop professional relationships with Graduate mentors in MBA, iMBA and MBAN, resulting in professional and personal development.



Membership is required to apply. Applications are due Sunday October 6th at 11:59pm.

If you have any questions about the Mentorship Programs, feel free to contact us at